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HI!!!! im currently redoining like. this whole thing. except fot this page cuz i like it lol :3. so the only thing i have up rn is my about me, which is still being kinda worked on, but hopefully soon ill have more up TwT! stay tuned thank you for visiting :]

Hello! welcome to my website :) my name is wormz and I'm very new to coding stuff and I'm not that great at it but i am very excited to learn and to grow! For now, this site is my educational playground, and will be under construction for the forseeable future. In the meantime, enjoy your stay! and feel free to sign my guestbook at the bottom of the page before you go!!!

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My Goals ^_^

Click and drag the car to make it race around the track!

Optional but it helps if you make car sounds while you race. I highly recommend making vroom vroom sounds while you race!
(pssst. also you dnon't have to stay on track if you dont want to. feel free to drive around the page as well!)

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