About Me !!!

Name: Wormz

Pronouns: He/Him and She/Her

B-Day: 9-26

Hobbies: drawing, doodling, acting, singing, making kandi, html, goofing off, joking around, dilly dallying, engaging in tomfoolery, clowning, napping, looking at bugs, petting cats

Fave Musicians: Vylet Pony (!!!!!!!!!), Will Wood, Oingo Boingo, Cats Millionaire, Lemon Demon, xaev, various musical soundtracks, and more

Fave Flowers: Daisys and Dandelions

Fave Creatures: Cats, Weevils, Worms, Caterpillars, Rats, Mice AND SO MANY MORE!!!

Other Misc Things: I'm demiromantic and a lesbian! I have a mullet and adhd and I heave never once made it through the curious george movie without crying. not once. ever.

it me :3

♡ About this page ♡

updated this about bc i felt like it needed updating :) if u wanna see the old one, which has more details about my interests i havent intergrated here, here it is!

Hi! My name is Wormz! I like Cartoons and theatre and bugs and fun stuff! I am currently in my senior year of highschool and I started this website last year on May 2nd, 2023, shortly after I learned basic HTML in my computer science class. I had been interested in the old web revival movement and in starting my own neocities for a while then, but at the time I had no idea where to start! I thought that learning HTML would be like learning a whole new launguage or something, but its really more like solving a series of puzzles! Its still a challenge, but one that I have a lot of fun with. Not to mention there are HUNDREDS of super awesome resources here on the web that can help you to learn grow and evolve in your html coding journey, all you have to do is look! I'm so glad to be here and to learn to make my little home on the web the very best it can be.

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